Special events are organized to discover designers’ stories and their manufacturing techniques.
The association organizes cooperation to jointly promote their creations
and bring out original creations from this melting pot.

The permanent exhibition space offers a space of expression and a direct relationship with the public
It is a unique place of exchange and sharing, where visitors can dialogue with the creators.


March 23
Things With Souls 

Drop off your out of fashion silk tie to order your personal butterfly. Rendez-Vous with the designer on Saturday March 23rd!


2- 7 April
Cherietta O / Marianne Vey / Patams 

L’artisanat dans tous ses états : de la matière brute au produit fini ! Rendez-Vous des Designers malkes visitors discover of 3 crafstmanships and their environment

Past Events

December 2023

DEC 1 – DEC 25
Advent Calendar 

Starting in December, Rendez-Vous des Designers will bring you daily delights with their festive Advent Calendar!  Every day, discover an original creation by one of our exclusive designers, and join in a fun contest! Each day, you’ll find beautiful prizes to win, exceptional offers, and lots of other exciting surprises!  Unique pleasures await you! Follow us on social media and on our website!

November 2023

Marianna Vey
Mon Panier à Fleurs

NOV 17-18-19

3rd edition of ParisLocal cast a spotlight on the know-how of Greater Paris and its artisans for a festive weekend.
The public is invited to discover Parisian creation in all its diversity through unique activities, such as exclusive workshops and demonstrations.

NOV 17
Sophie Ochera Knitwear 

Come and meet the designer from Normandie.
She will be present to take your measurements, help you decide your preferred colour combinations and many more !

September 2023

SEP 11 – 16
C & The Flowers

Paris Design Week !
A brilliant idea under the City of Lights !
Discover the lightings by C & the Flowers 

SEP 29
Uraha Bijoux & Cherietta.O

The two designers are hosting an event to discuss their universes and creations over a drink. Reservation requested.

SEP 30
Lea Costet

The designer will present a new collection and offer 10% discount for the occasion of Paris Fashion Week

July 2023

Mont Kiji

For the occasion of Bastille Day, Mont Kij opens the ball with the prototypes at festive prices!
Join the Bleu Blanc Rouge banner in our showroom and discover unique pieces.

JULY 22-24

The designer of Chérietta. O from Bordeaux will be present in our Paris showroom for a personalization service. Get your initials, your name or your slogan engraved !

June 2023

JUNE 28-29

The designer of Nilau based in Lyon will be present to reveal the most beautiful secrets of the brand and answer all your questions. This will be the very first private sales of Nilau.

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